Welcome, formerly known as 'Salford Swim Swim'. This is a Manchester blog about running and swimming and random stuff. Oh and mental health, it is good to be mentally healthy. Which we of course are not.......so if you're not too then check this out.........Moodswings

About the blog

Welcome to our blog. Formerly known as 'Salford Swim Swim'.

We work in the Disability Support Office at a rather well known university in Manchester. We first started the blog to plot our journey on the road to swimming the Great Salford Swim in May 2011. We had heard that a training blog could help increase charitable donations, wow were they right because we raised a whopping £1200.

We swam the mile race in May for the charity Moodswings, who help people to try and cope with serious mental health conditions. Moodswings have been integral in the support for some of our students and staff, including Kath herself.

They are fantastic and deserve every single bean.

Anyway, the blog grew into a monster. We talk about training and swimming and eating and mental health and other random crap.

We have just completed a half marathon and now we are looking for our next challenge.

If you want anymore information on Moodswings or would like to make a charitable donation to them please click on the following link.


Sam and Kath

p.s. any money raised from advertising on the blog will be donated directly to Moodswings

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