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Friday, 28 March 2014

The Salford Triathlon 2013 - the results

It's taken me 8 months to put this post up but I thought I better let people know that we did do the Salford Triathlon and didn't just float away in some terrible accident in the canal. I haven't felt much up to blogging but a lovely lady suggested I have a crack at it to fill my time again.

The day was actually brilliant, the sun was shining, the crowd were great and much to our surprise we got around the course. Nick didn't drown, I didn't have to surgically remove my bike saddle from my cervix and a jolly good time was had by all.

There were some stressful bits. I put my finger through my swimming cap about 30 seconds before the start of the swim (yes I'm a dick). And had to run and get another one, just in the nick of time ha Nick of time! Get it, cause my cousins called Nick, I'm hilarious.

That wasn't embarrassing, it also definitely wasn't embarrassing to be the only swimmer with a bright red cap on when the others all had gold on. Bit like when you see blood in your wee.

So that posed another problem. My friends and family therefore could recognise me in the the water and follow me around shouting a combination of abuse and positive messages.

To make matters worse I had (in my wisdom) decided to try and start at the front because in previous swims Kath and I had gone to the back and spent a considerable time swimming around people with the ship width of a cross channel ferry. What a smart idea I thought posed and ready to go, what I hadn't taken into consideration was that in previous swims any shape and size could enter, this was a f@cking triathlon and only freaky protein hyped up sport animals enter.

So yeah, what do you think happened? They swam over my head, kicked me in the face. Created mini tidal waves, rip current and probably did that whilst weeing on me on the way past. There wasn't even more than one lap but I am pretty sure they lapped me.

My only consolidation was to know no matter how crap I was comparatively to these person there would be at least one person slower than me.......Nick Ward.

Nick did phenomenally well and despite all odds managed to not only stay afloat but swim. Much of which he attributes to the buoyancy of the wetsuit.

As for the bike bit, well lets just say Salford isn't as flat as you would think. This was confirmed to me by many other riders who in raspy voice would shout "I thought there wasn't any f@cking hills on this course".

The run was tolerable, all the other peeps were really friendly and egging each other on. I overtook a muscly man and felt pretty good about it and then he said something really nice to me and I hated myself for my evil overtaker snigger.

Nick had a very good run, in fact he fricking aced it. But the less said about that the better.

So here are the results, I am a wonderful loser so totally took this in my stride.

Sam  - 1 hr 44 mins 22 secs
Swim 18:32
Bike 51:12
Run 28:32

Dick - 1 hr 41mins 58 secs
Swim 20:03
Bike 49:13
Run 25:56

It's fine, I'm over it.

The best bit was seeing my lovely Mum wearing the medal (see photo above). She couldn't talk and was using a wheelchair but she told us she was proud as punch by writing in her little notebook. We raised loads of money and had a smashing day. I would run a million triathlons, move the sun and the stars to stop MND in its tracks.

Thanks for all your support and donations

Sam xxx


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