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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Let the belly run free

This is pretty much how I roll at the moment. I spend a considerable amount time sliming about in my own perspiration. Yesterday it was exceptionally hot but because the gym was empty i was able to let my belly run free like a fat kid in a sweet shop. Except probably not as muscly; it kind of looked more like milky jelly on a spin cycle. 

I am practically a nudist now. 

It was pretty liberating letting it hang out, sweat pooled down my belly as walked about. It was like a Woodstock type experience; though I think I grossed out a couple of fancy women on a spa day when I walked into the changing room and left a little sweat puddle near their towelling robes.

I had even completed a number of yogic stretches sans t-shirt, though I felt less empowered when I had to tuck a rather loose part of tummy flesh into my running tights in order to stop it getting friction burns on the floor.

I need to become one with this type of flesh exposure. There will be a part of the tri transition where it will just be me, the sports bra and a pair of rather flattering tri shorts with nappy style bike cushioning in the ass.

Tri training is taxing no? In 2 weeks we will have nailed it. I'm a little worried my cousin will drown cause he's just worked out he can't swim, and I have my concerns about staying on a bike for 20km without tangling myself in the chain, or suffocating in my wetsuit from transition. 

Getting out of a wetsuit is like peeling out of a body suit made of dried pva glue. It's an undignified practice. I can't do it very well standing up or sitting down so how I'm going to manage it whilst running for a bike I'll never know. 

If you want to donate some funds towards our tri plight in aid of the MNDA you can at the link at the top right hand side of this page. 

Peace out

Sam xxx


  1. I think the key to being comfortable with nakedness is just to be naked. That's my theory but I've always been comfortable with nudity. I reckon boarding school forces it into you!

    1. Yeah, I'm not a naked person. I never have been. I am working on it. I think it started when I got openly mocked for having no boobs and for wearing a crop top (instead of a bra) at high school. and that was just by one of my mates.

      I think comfortable nakedness is like eating mussels, takes your palette a while to get used to the texture but gets better each time.


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