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Friday, 3 May 2013

Haruki Murakami - What I talk about when I talk about running

While Kath is taking her time to put up her marathon photos I thought I would throw a filler in.

If you don't know about Haruki Murakami here is your chance. He is so incredibly smart and a bit of a genius hero man, not only has he translated a number of literary classics into Japanese (The Great Gatsby and Breakfast at Tiffany's to name a few) but he's also a great novelist and mega runner.

I would highly recommend 'Norwegian Wood' but also this, 'What I talk about when I talk about running'. How he has managed to write a book about running and not make it boring, I don't know.

The dude runs ultra marathons and triathlons for FFS.

I just love the way he writes, and if you like running and books then this one is for you. Not to mention the cover art is aces. Of course having a Japanese novelist in your book case is also going to make you look tres sophisticated and cultured. I make a point of having his books at eye level to detract from my shameful Twilight and Spike Milligan collection which kind of makes me look a little stupid and juvenile.

 I'm off on holiday today so I am going to leave it to Kath to tell you about the marathon. PULL YOUR FINGER OUT KATH - we have been getting requests (albeit one but nevertheless).

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