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Friday, 19 April 2013

Team Lucozade

So I'm getting ready to go to London to be part of Team Lucozade Sport (or procastinating about getting ready, which is almost the same thing).

I should mention that Lucozade Sport have been sending me lots of free stuff to get me through the training. In fact I've been living off their products for some time now.

I've been using the gels and drinks when I've done longer runs to get used to them for The Run Itself. The gels taste of undiluted orange squash which reminds me of vodka and orange and is therefore really quite exciting. I've no idea if they actually give you an energy boost, but there's the possibility they might have done and that helps.

They've also sent me a London Marathon running top which is really super comfy for running in. I could be tempted by more of this Adidas Supernova stuff if I had a running stuff shopping obsession which obviously I don't.

Sam needs to get used to this view for the future

People should see me coming anyway. Or if they don't, they'll certainly see me leave.


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