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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Bye bye Olympics

I have a crush on Bradley Wiggins, I am a shallow, shallow cow. Its blatantly because he looks ace on a bike, wins shit, has the same musical taste as me and is a mod.

Mods and Jesus lookalikes are my two weaknesses in life alongside crispy creme donuts, curry, peanut butter kit kats, vodka, kittens and little puppies and soft porn. No I am only joking. I don't watch soft porn, except 'True Blood' which is basically socially acceptable porn. Alexander Skarsgard is a knicker pinger and I want him to bite my neck.

I also have a weakness for Fred Perry, Mods in Fred Perry slay me.

Right enough of this, I am getting hot under the collar. I just wanted to point out his amazing achievement of looking shit hot in a polo shirt and growing impressive side burns and congratulate the whole of Team GB for a fantabulous Olympics.

Now we can all go back to shit telly and hating each other again.

Peace out, Sam x x

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