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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

What a winner looks like

Well it's been a long time coming but after getting thrashed in the swim and half marathon last year I have finally defeated Kath.

What does victory taste like - sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

I'm not letting Kath's sarcastic post dampen my spirits. She is still fit as a butchers dog so it was a fair win. Though Kath - I have to say if you're not going to put the time in then what do you expect.


There is some poor dude from the wave before us still doggy paddling in this bottom shot.

And as for my victory dance, well it went a little like this......

Kath suggested we run a 10km in September, I know why. She is so desperate to beat me again because I can't run very well anymore. What a cow. xxx

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Great Manchester Swim 2012 - The Results

I know Sam's natural modesty will prevent her from mentioning this so I'll confirm:

It's official - Sam beat me. She is a faster swimmer, she is the winner, I am the loser. 

Sam has suggested that we include this information (i.e. that she is faster than me, she doesn't like to mention it) in our work's newsletter in block capitals in bold, so I've put together an article for them:

"Plucky Samantha Ward has a reason to smile at last....

After her bruising defeat at the hands of her colleague Kath Henderson (41) last May, Sam (31) vowed not to be overtaken again. 'It's not fair' she whinged daily for over a year. 'She's taller than me. And she has bigger feet.'

Having spent the winter and the spring laboriously carbing up, diminutive Sam started training in earnest with weeks to go before the event, some or indeed everyone who knows her might even say to the point of obsession. 

"She's like an angry wasp on speed. She's going to do herself an injury." a concerned Kath said, as Sam dozed at her desk following yet another night ogling the Bodypump instructor punishing workout.

"DO YOU WANT TO BEAT HER??!!!" screamed her swimming coach every time Sam looked like she was faltering.

The results speak for themselves. Best Performance: Samantha Ward.

And does Samantha plan on keeping fit? "Oh, yes" gushes Sam. "I've already been doing lots of victory dances around Kath's desk. I can see me doing this every day until Kath retires."*

And so I have a few bits of advice for any Olympic athletes out there wondering how best to prepare for an event:

It's best to do some training;

It's even better to train in the sport you're actually going to be doing. I've been doing a lot of cycling, but it turns out thighs of which a tree trunk would be justly proud are of no help at all when swimming;

It's best to do a sport you enjoy. This will definitely not be open water swimming at Salford Quays. 



* For the record, Kath will retire 11 years and 1 day before Sam. Ha.

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