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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sweaty gym pants


Yes, we are lapsed bloggers. There are three reasons that I have decided to post after a long break.

1. A very nice first aider from work recognised me from the blog and told me she read it as she herself was training for a sporty charity event. This made me feel all warm and funny inside and had a glimpse at why people like being famous. It also made me a little embarrassed and feel a bit weird like someone had just looked in my knickers drawer.

2 & 3. I've been contacted twice in the last week by people promoting exciting type sporting events. Which made me think people still read the blog even though Kath and I don't do anything to update it at the moment.

So here we are, I kind of have forgotten how to blog. I think I just used to write down wingey mutterings with poor grammar and punctuation - I don't see why I should change now.

You're probably wondering what the above photo is about, this one of my two gym bags I have on the go at the moment. I have to have two because I have been working so bloody hard and training near daily, it smells like a warm crappy nappy and I can't even remember what it's like to wear pretty clothes.

So since we've been away here's an update about what Kath and I have been doing.

1. We still sit next to each other at work which is unproductive and annoying. Roles have been reversed and Kath is now the lazy one whilst I have been training like Wayne Rooney high on Viagra in a Nursing Home. Kath still fancies me, I spend all my day feigning off her advances - it's tiresome. She has been especially enjoying me sing Jimmy Nail to her all day long today.

2. Kath went to a Kayaking event we were invited to last night - post to follow. YES Kath, I have put it up here now so you'll have to post you lazy cow.

3. Despite said training (see point 1) I am still fat and Kath is still skinny despite eating chocolate fucking digestives all day whilst I have to constantly wipe sweat from my cracks from all the body combat classes I have been doing.

4. We are both swimming in the Great Manchester even though its actually in Salford Swim again a week on Sunday.

I would ask Kath to put up a training post but she hasn't done any apart from cycle to work yesterday which she only did cause it was cycle to work day and she could get some free shit, including a full english breakfast.

The final photo is an example of what I have to sit next to each day, this is Kath smiling cause I  came into work with a short skirt on. She loves it when I do that.

Peace out

Sammy x


  1. Really good to have you back - I had been wondering where you had disappeared to from my blog feed! You even inspired me a while back to start my own blog (which is also only blogged on occasionally!)Leanne x

  2. That made me laugh out loud!!

    I can tell you both enjoy your work so much, and yes Kath does nothing but eat pizza and cake, and whilst some people might find this perplexing I am struggling to stop this spilling over into something much more worrying. Also trying to not eat cake and pizza myself to stop me spilling over (literally) even more in other areas.



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