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Thursday, 12 April 2012

RIP Caballo Blanco

So Kath told me about the sad loss of Micah True (the white horse) yesterday, she is pondering getting into bare feet running so I guess this is how she stumbled upon the news.

I will let Kath tell you about her new fad but the basic gist of it is she has found some pretty looking bare feet style running trainers on Nike.com and is getting sucked in by their sale price.

Anyway, back to the post. Micah True was an inspirational ultra marathon runner who developed his running style from the TarahumaraRacers in Mexico.

He also created the 50 mile Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon and had a pretty zen outlook and was a true believer that running will set you free.

Then it dawned on me this is the dude who was the inspiration for Christoper McDougall's best selling book 'Born to run'. Which weirdly my mate just gave me a copy of this week - thanks Califia.

I haven't started reading it yet and find it a little sad starting it now knowing that his body was found a couple of weeks ago next to a stream in Mexico after heading out for a 12 mile run.

This is terribly sad but what warms me somewhat is that he died doing what he loved.

Sleep well man.

Peace out - Sam x


  1. Yeah, I have been into barefooting for a while (not so easy in cold and wet Manchester) and that book made me want to start running which is why I was like, 'SAM MUST READ THIS!' :)

  2. Do you see any bare feet in that photo? Please explain "developed his running style from the Tarahumara". What does that mean? How many ways are there to run?

    1. No I don't, thank you for pointing that out - how observant. He was an advocate of bare foot running and I believe from what I read he changed his style of running as he was experiencing injuries. There is plenty of information on him, the Tarahumara and barefoot running on the web, google it. Or you could try the links above.

  3. I saw a really good programme about how in 'the olden days" people used to grease their feet with pig fat or something equally fowl (?) and walk for hundreds of miles so I guess that could be one way to do it... I shall try it this weekend and let you know - well maybe not!

    Keep trucking sam.

    Know where I would rather be right now - ASLEEP!


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