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Monday, 2 April 2012

Living the Olympic Dream

Well, despite the reported pandemonium and chaos at petrol stations, I managed to get to London for the Olympic Park Run. Anyone who didn't know better would think the media had nothing better to do than create stories out of thin air.

I stayed at the Oakley Court Hotel in Windsor, and very posh it was too. Riverside grounds, tennis courts (yes, I played tennis. No, I will not be repeating the experience), a pool, gym and a bed big enough for three luxurious room. They filmed the Rocky Horror Picture Show there you know.

I ditched the Magenta costume for this T-shirt

The daffodils and conservatory have been added since Frank N Furter's day

Very few men can carry this look off, so please don't try this at home.

Freezing my bits off waiting for it to start

We had to be at the stadium a couple of hours early  to indulge in a spot of the great British sport of queuing, and it has to be said it was flipping chilly. The atmosphere was, if not electric as the announcers kept saying, friendly and good-humoured. We all huddled together for warmth in the starting enclosure, leaving our friends and family to the entertainment in the stadium itself - watching the officials struggling with a barrier that fell over on to the track every time there was a breeze.

I'm the one in the very attractive socks calf compression tights.

It was a nice-ish run (i.e pretty flat), if running around a building site is particularly your thing. We were encouraged along the way by random groups of musicians, and the occasional builder, before running under the stadium to strains of Chariots of Fire.

It was an inspired way to get us into the stadium, and running the last 300 yards round the track being cheered on was pretty amazing.

Crossing the finish line in a chip time of 40 minutes 40 seconds - that's over five minutes faster than a Princess, you know.

So that was my weekend - running at the Olympic stadium. I'm sure people who weren't able to get a place on the Park Run because the organisers knew they were trouble still had a lovely time. Sam, for example, got to watch a Twilight film that she has seen before on DVD. Rocking.



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  1. I think you have you missed the spirit of the whole thing. Yes it was freezing, yes it was a bit of a building site but to be a part of this was AMAZING.


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