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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Under Pressure

This morning saw my Counsellor and me running up and down corridors in an empty School, before I pinned something to his chest.

The next line should of course be "and then I woke up" followed by a very Freudian explanation indeed, but in fact both of us turned up late for the Trotters 5 mile race this morning and had to register in a spot of a hurry before warming up sprinting up a hill to the start line with seconds to spare.

I should of course say that he is now my ex-Counsellor. I am cured, not depressed any more, I passed the self esteem exam, and am now sane. Marvellous.

In the last couple of months I have stopped running to take my mind off alcohol. I just run now. Life without booze is finally becoming "normal", the way I live life.

So, the last couple of weekends have seen me out at local club races. I did the Lostock 6 mile run last week, and then the Trotters 5 one today. These races are a bit more serious than ones I've been in before - there is a distinct lack of fancy dress - and I pounded round last week. I got a time that Sam wept to see and was second woman in her early forties wearing black with a ponytail (or whatever category it was).

Very smug I was too, before I realised the shin splints weren't going away when I stopped running. They're not that painful, but can be a precursor to something much nastier. Luckily there is lots of advice on the Internet about shin splints and I've followed lots some hardly any of it.

Stuff to do when you have shin splints

No running. 
I've followed this to the letter. It doesn't include parkruns or races, right?

Take aspirin for painrelief and to reduce swelling. 
Who's honestly got any aspirin?

Use ice packs after exercise. 
Or I'm sure having a cup of tea and an Eccles cake in a hot bath works just as well.

Put your feet up.
And what better way to spend the time than Internet shopping? I have bought some Skins compression calf tights. These will work miracles - not only will I not have shin splints, I will also run more quickly. Bargain!

I will of course not look a tool in these, and will be certain to wear them every time I leave the house.



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