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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Squirrels and Beards

Now, I was going to write a little somethin' somethin' about things that motivate me to run because I have been serious lacking motivation.

I like cakes, I am motivated to eat a lot of them. I like running a lot when my bits and bobs work and it gets addictive but when I stop, well the cake part of my brain takes over.

The cake part of my brain is like the grey squirrel, it's fat and generally takes over everything, kicking the red squirrels tinier little ass. So the red squirrel has to hide out in Scotland and the north east, it thinks about taking the power back but the grey squirrel is just too greedy.

BTW - the red squirrel is the running part of my brain. Did you like my little analogy? No, neither did I but I was basically trying to demonstrate that I like food and I am tubby.

Yes, I lured you into this post with another picture of the hot stuff that is Anton Krupicka but I will get to him in a minute.

My point about motivation being is that there is an element of environment that motivates me. A nice run in a pretty place with nice weather is one of the best things ever. Unfortunately, I live in Manchester, where the rain and the cold is as common as chlamydia at freshers week.

If I lived somewhere with proper amazabags weather and stunning scenery (enter Anton in the magnificent picture at the top) then I would obviously run more and would look fit as a butchers dog.

So there you have it, I have worked it out. Now let’s all move to Colorado and stalk Anton Krupicka in his micro shorts. I would be proper fit if I was trailing him.....which I would do purely because I admire him as an athlete and not because he has long hair and a beard.

Sam out x

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