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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Saturday binge

The weather is definitely getting milder so it's running season.

I'm a definite seasonal runner, I hate running in the winter. It's gross, its dark, you get covered in mud, develop translecent skin that resembles corned beef and snot candles to rival a toddler.

But this weather is perfect. Feeling pretty smug I got out there but then I was starving when I got back and so swapped stretching for 3 packets of french fries crisps and 2 crackers with blue cheese. Fecking binge eating - bane of my life. It's the ultimate pleasure/pain.

anyway...check out my run, pretty huh......

Chorlton Ees
On route to Jackson's Boat
Calories burnt - 211
Calories consumed in post run binge - 288 not including 3 slices of brown bread with Flora buttery
Actual calories consumed post run - approx 7 thousand

Chance of losing 1 stone in weight before wedding season without wiring my jaw shut  - minimal.

I'm kind of the mindset that I enjoy food too much to restrict my diet, one life and all that. So I'm just going to have to exercise myself back down to a healthy BMI. That's fine I can do it, I've done it before but I am noticing it is getting harder as I am getting ahem, older.

I am not going to let that frigging wii avatar mock me anymore, no sir.

Sam x

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