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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Into by Windows Phone event - NW preview of Roman Polanski's Carnage

This post is out a lot later than I planned, life happens that's all I can say about that.

Well, a rare opportunity came up from the blogging world that allowed me and a mate to attend the northwest premier of the new Roman Polanski film 'Carnage' in association with Into by Windows phone.

Now, I am pretty grateful for the invite to the event because it was brilliant, the whole thing was beautifully executed with free booze and canapes at the Beehive Mill in Manchester. What's not to love about that building, its named after my favourite hairdo for a start not to mention is a gorgeous old brick, manhattan style loft with an envious view of the canal.

This is exactly the kind of place I imagine myself living when I am a proper grown up with a proper car and super high flying job pah yeah right, more chance of platting p*ss.

Check me out getting on their stock photos (above) with me old chum Reid, she's the red & I'm the blonde. Tis funny really because we spent the whole time photo dodging, it's a bit like dodgeball but the aim is to make sure there is no photo evidence of your double chin.

The event was organised in association with Windows who were promoting their new phone and the 'dog eat my wookie' blog. I got a demo of the phone whilst I was there and though I am not a techie it looked very sleek and in keeping with my modernist taste. It looked super fast as well, there was even a feature to hook it up to your xbox and you could even use it as a remote control as well. Tres clever.

The bestest bit other than the free cocktails, red wine & canapes was the preview of 'Carnage'. I really really enjoyed the film, I'm generally not a fan of Kate Winslet but she really impressed me as did Jodie Foster and the other actors. The film was developed from a stage play and I think they have made the transition well. It is set all in one room, normally this format would put me off but the script is more than enough to stave off boredom.

Now I am not going to lie, I was dee-runk. Not horrible slur and fall over drunk but I had just had come from a particularly gruelling swim training session & I may have had a crack at a couple of cocktails and wines with only a couple of canapes to line my tummy.
Though there is nothing I like more I like doing more than watching films drunk, though it maybe meant I laughed a little louder than most at the funny bits. There was nearly an unfortunate popcorn choking incident which I dont want to discuss much further but needless to say don't drink and film people - well not without a responsible adult at hand.

This is me and the reid making the most of the bar, as you can see I am thoroughly paying attention to the phone demo whilst Reid is making sure we remain properly hydrated.  I lost at this round of photo dodgeball, damned double chin making me look tubby and old.

There was also a dramatic reconstruction of a couple of the scenes, to be honest though I respect their trade I was pretty busy chasing the canape lady for a mini pizza to try and soak up the booze at this point. Then for their other scene I was trying my hardest to find the loo, then finding a way of holding the door shut because the lock was broken. The plight of women!

I did my bit though, a lady actor spilt her beer and I helped clean it up with a napkin. Though thinking back I wonder if this was part of her scene and I messed that up with my good samaritan intervention. Better to be nice than not though.

All in all it was brill, both Reid and I enjoyed ourselves immensely. It was brilliantly organised - thanks to all those involved. Without bias I would in the future consider checking out that phone, it looked swish but I have only recently invested in an iphone and that puppy was expensive so it ain't going anywhere.

This post is going on both blogs, Rubber Soul is still in it's infancy and I think Windows and Studio Canal deserve a bit more traffic for putting on a bloody good night.


Sammy x x

p.s. there is a link to the Carnage trailor below - go and see it, it's immense.
p.p.s Big thanks to 3monkeys for the invite

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