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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Having a Wii

Hey there mother truckers! How is thou?

Yeah, we are lazy bloggers. I have just been getting all round in the tummy and enjoying it - note that when I said round I mean like 'chubby, I like filling my cake hole' kind of round and not like 'baby in my belly' round. That isn't happening, no sir.

Kath is like all gangly still, she is running and other acrobatics. Biatch.

Me, well I got meself a Wii. Well my bro got me one and its top. I have a little mii avatar and I have of course made it more attractive than I am in the flesh - that's the point though isn't it, making a fitter version of yourself so you can pretend your sexy in a virtual world, whilst teenage lads self love themselves over your pixelated though incredibly inaccurate image, no?

Mii images nicked from show mii
Then legoman got me the old Wii fit for me birthday, that rocks.Well apart from when it weighed me and the little virtual Sam got all fat around the middle. I am officially overweight - yeah no shit Nintendo.

I wish my Mii looked like this
It's also a pretty dangerous tool for the uncoordinated. I twisted me knee in a rather vigorous hoola hooping session. I dare not have a go on the hula hooping when legoman is about as I think all the pelvic action would get him all excited and encourage amorous behaviour.

He needs no encouraging, look what I got for valentines day........

I kid you not, this was my Valentines Day card. I have no interest in Valentines Day and what's incredibly scary about this card is that it is pretty much a perfect representation of what legoman actually looks like.

We made a little wii of him too which is so amazingly true to life I wii a little with laughter every time I see it. 'Wii a little', I am fecking hilarious.

When I work out how to do it I'll show you a picture of my wii.

Anyway, the Wii as a fitness tool - yes. I like the yoga and I ached liked a Nana the next day which means it's doing something. The only problem is it takes a while to load and it's heartbreaking getting on the balance board for a weigh in.

Prepare for some before and after photos soon. 'Fat Sam' is going back to 'Fit Sam' in the next few months.

Sam out x

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