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Friday, 27 January 2012

Swimming sucks

It's Friday. I have been having fun singing Beatles at Kath at work. She likes my voice a lot. I like singing to her too.

So, I have started swimming again. I all the bad bits have come swimming back - ha 'swimming back', get it! I am funny and I sing the Beatles incredibly well and accurately.

an angry beaver

So here are the official bad bits about swimming:

1. Number one with a bullet, maintaining ones bikini line. Painful, arduous, expensive and dangerous.
I am not very good at this, I don't swim without it looking appropriate but I continue to think I can wax successfully myself. I can't and can be seen with rather red looking plucked chicken type skin with some regularity. There is nothing like freshly plucked ginger skin to make people sick in their mouths a little, I see them gulping it back down while they are swimming lengths.

2. Getting wet, not sexy. Wet hair, stinking of chlorine.

3. Other peoples feet, just fecking wrong. Kicking me in my face.

3. Swimming caps, ugly making machines.

4. Getting water in your inner ear. I spent most of last night with a cotton bud in my ear moshing violently over my bed. I now have a sore ear and whiplash.

5. Overly confident naked people in changing rooms. There is one woman in the changing room at Bannatynes that dances naked with a pair of plastic bags on her feet. Sometimes she bends over, I think I accidentally saw one of her ovaries when she did this last week.

There are plenty more but I can't be bothered finishing this post, here's some Beatles. YEAH - FRIDAY

Have a top weekend, both Kath and I are going to be a year older after this weekend. She is going to eat her weight in cake and I am going to put my eating pants and dancing shoes and stalk Mike Joyce of the Smiths at his club night.



Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Happy Belated New Year Badgers

I know we've been away for a while but everyone is entitled to a holiday are'nt they! Kath and I have been hibernating.

Well thats exactly what I have been doing, holidaying and hibernating.  Oh and I have started swimming again to in anticipation for the newly named 'Great Manchester Swim'.

My new years resolution is to get the blog up and running again and soon maybe I will unveiling a new blog. Not sport or mentalness related.

Anyway. to re-wet your appetite I have included a few little photees of my jaunt to Paris. I bloody love Paris. We should all go immediately and eat nice cheese and steak and wash it down with a bucket of red wine.

See you soon

Sam x

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