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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Things I shouldn't have done yesterday....

  • Set the alarm to get up flipping early. I desperately needed a ie in.

  • Set foot outside the front door well before 8am. It was fricking cold, and icy underfoot.

  • Walked 2.5 miles instead of profligately spending £4 on getting a taxi. Where it wasn't icy, it was very, very muddy. In places it was both. I slipped and fell full length, and my feet were very wet and icy cold by the time I'd finished.  

  • Taken a much more sensible than me thirteen year old boy with me on said walk. He told me throughout that there was no point, and Parkrun would be cancelled. He was of course right. It was far too icy to run the Parkrun course. It's always embarrassing when he's right and I'm wrong, and it's happening far too much at the moment.

But then, we wouldn't have seen a deer. In Moses Gate. Yes, that's right, Moses Gate, Bolton. For the record I've seen more deer in Moses Gate than in Tatton Park (where I saw precisely none at all). We also saw a hare, or at the very least an extremely large rabbit. Huge. Wildlife - it's all going on in Bolton.

It wasn't actually this deer, but it was equally as cute

I wouldn't have got to go on a jog across the fields with 20 odd Parkrunners and a dog. It was freezing, it had started to rain/sleet by this point, and my trainers filled up with icy water about one in every five steps. And it was absolutely lovely. We took it easy, there was no question of competitiveness, we weren't being timed (though it should be noted, just between us, that I was very definitely first woman this week, what with almost all the others having the sense they were born with and being tucked up in bed). There were great views of Winter Hill covered in snow along the way, and plenty of the Parkrun community spirit flowing. It was one of the Parkrunners' 50th birthday, and he led the run. If there's a better way of starting your 50th I would love to know what it is.

20 odd Parkrunners and a dog

Still, next week I'm getting a taxi.



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