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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Splashing Time

It's the Tatton Park Yule Yomp next week.

When I signed up for this I thought it would be crisp, bright  and cold, frost glimmering on the branches of the trees, deer artistically placed around the park with maybe just a spot of glitter on their antlers. I thought I'd find 10K really easy (I'd just done a half marathon at the time) and would romp the yomp, and treat myself to whatever the equivalent of a mince pie and sherry is for someone who doesn't drink at the end. (It's a mince pie and a bloody cup of tea isn't it? I am sooooo sick of tea).

It is not currently living up to my expectations. I've just run paddled waded the best part of 9K in the rain, and it felt anything but festive. In fact it felt flipping damp and I think I've got trenchfoot.

I did have fish and chips when I got in though. I hardly ever have this anymore because to me it is hangover food, but God it was good.

My son marshalled at Parkrun for the first time yesterday, and did very well at shouting encouragement at everyone (except his Mum, who should have been going faster apparently. He's not eaten since). He was taking a well-earned break from running after completing 10 Parkruns for sponsorship for Wigan Shopmobility, so well done to him. I don't normally blog about my kids because I embarrass them enough in real life without doing it online as well, but I sort of have his permission  to say I'm very proud of him.  


  1. I've ordered special knutsford treats for you next Sunday - not a cup of tea in sight. Honest!

  2. Oh and lots of crispness and deer.


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