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Monday, 19 December 2011

Internet Shopping

So it's coming up for a year since I stopped drinking. I thought I'd like to do something to celebrate, so inevitably turned to the web for inspiration. Does anyone remember what we did before the Internet?

Marvellous - there are entire websites dedicated to 'recovery' gifts. It seems when you give up drinking you are also supposed to lose all aesthetics and sense of humour, and become hugely sentimental. Getting God also appears to be a spot of a given.

I can't have done it right. 

On the whole I've decided I don't need a poster with "Live the Miracle" on it. Neither my dog nor my baby (not that I have either but if I did) need a T shirt with "I'd rather be sober" on it. And my life will continue to be complete without the Serenity prayer on any piece of merchandise you care to mention, particularly a baseball cap.

Sexy, huh?

Who wouldn't want this on a mousemat?

I guess in the end I will eat cake, and plenty of it, to celebrate.You can't go wrong with cake.

And yesterday I put up the Christmas tree with the kids (overflowing with Chrismas spirit, me), who are very good about it all being very pink. We had a fab time, and ended up all wrapped in tinsel having a living room dance to Mariah Carey of all things. The thing is I'm not sure if this is a family tradition I've forgotten about because I've always been drunk before, and I can't really ask.

Stylish, understated and classy.

Ah well, I suppose I'll remember that we did it this year this time next year. Good.

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