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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Happy 68th Birthday Jim Morrison

Happy fecking birthday Jim!

image from BBC
He would have been 68 years young today, same age as my papa. Sadly papa ward wasn't anywhere near as cool back in the sixties, he was playing a lot of golf in chino shorts in New Zealand and generally missing out on the coolest music in the world. But he was a mental health nurse so we of course approve of this gallantry.

image from google images
He was such a sexpot.

Sleep well James, I will come and visit you in Paris in January..again.

Sam x

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  1. Jimmy, now your are the bird of prey which flies high in the sun sky....Down here,we are all preying for a sign from you...we want to know how it's like to wach everybody from the sky,how is to be remembered by everybody,how is to be living in everybody's mind,soul and thought...you left early...you could have been living with us now...we miss you...we loved you as you were alive,we love you now and we will always love you!!!!!!!Goodbye Jimmy...


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