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Monday, 7 November 2011

Windows 7 blog competition & a chance to win a free laptop from Rufus Hound

hello hello, big exciting things are happening here on the blog.

a man from Parkrun and Rufus! Get in lad.
Exciting thing number 1 - out first competition
Exciting thing number 2  - funny man giving out laptops in Manchester
Exciting thing number 3 - we are now on twit twoo twitter and the facebook*

So lucky readers the nice kind people at Windows and 3 monkeys have given us 2 copies of Windows 7 Ultimate to give away to you guys, yes that's right. Read on to find out how!

And that's not all, that foxy funny man Rufus Hound is going to be in Manc town on Thursday 10th Nov giving out laptops to some deserving folks. I know its just too much for me too take in as well, I have a massive crush on him. He ticks all the Sammy boxes  -

he's ginger - me and him could make the gene pool a little stronger and secure our race for the future, he's funny, he has a beard and many tattoos................................................woof


To be in with a chance to win one of the copies all you have to do is either 'like' us on our new facebook page, follow us through google or through our new twitter account  - or all of them! Once you have done this please leave a comment below or email us here so we know who you are and we will pick the two lucky winners at random on Monday. It really is that simple.


Rufus Hound (CelebrityJuice) will be hitting the streets in the UK to give away free PCs to the most deserving cases. He will be in Manchester on 10th November. Rufus and the Windows team will be matching unsuspecting owners of out-of-date, old computers with shiny, new laptops from The Collection complete with Windows 7 and Office 2010.

To support the campaign we are inviting people to tweet using the hashtag #YourPCMate and telling us their location for the chance to win a free PC makeover. In addition a Facebook App has been created on the Windows UK Facebook page where people can upload an image of their or their friends/family PC for a separate chance at winning. There users can also follow Rufus via a Bing integrated Twitter Map and MSN videos as he tours the UK.

RUFUS - can I just remind you about this though..................is it safe for you to come up to Mancunia?

here he is dancing the Cheryl Cole's 'Fight for this love', I am rather attracted to him in this video.

So what are you waiting for, how much easier could it be? 

Please note - we can only offer this competition to UK residents.

Thanks - Sambo

*actually we have been on facebook for some time but I had no idea how to put a like button on the page so never really bothered promoting the page.


  1. Now following you on twitter and liking you on fb. Keep up the fab work guys!

  2. Following on twitter, can't be ***ed with facebook, would follow through google but haven't figured out how yet! Anyway, will also tell my friends;-)

  3. Like on fb, already following on twitter.

  4. I liked you guys on facebook, keep up the good work!

  5. Liked on facebook and twitter!! how do you do google that you say about?


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