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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Who washes his shorts?

I haven't run in a couple of months and I have missed it. Half the office has signed up for the Great Manchester 10km and I am a bit massively jealous.

Things I have not missed about running:
  • Getting changed into lycra leggings and run through soggy Manchester weather for an hour whilst hurdling over dog poos bigger than my head.
Things I have missed about running:
  • Not having a massive fat arse
  • Clear spot free skin
  • Climbing up stairs without getting out of breath
  • Post endorphin rush that you get from a good run.
If I run at the moment then it means the following day my bursa (fluid sacs) inflame and I won't be able to walk very well , sleep on my side or drive.

I have found plenty of things to fill my time for example, last week I spent 10 hours on a suicide awareness course, I am now proficient at assessing if someone is at risk of suicide. I do this by asking the person if they have thought of killing themselves - if they say 'yes' then they are definitely at risk of suicide.

Yes, it really is that simple.

The course was amazing and I am grateful that I got the opportunity to go on it. Sadly, Kath and I have to ask that question far more than we should.

The world can be an extremely lonely place and a bit of empathy can go a long way. That's why Moodswings is so important. This time of year can be particulary difficult for people with depression and mental health conditions.

If you know someone who is struggling, who doesnt seem themselves or is perhaps being irratible or challenging. Take the time to ask them how they are. Don't be British about it, don't politely ignore strange or worrying behaviour. I can promise you this, asking them if they are alright isn't going to make their situation any worse. Asking them could make a huge difference, it could make them feel like someone cares.

If you don't know what to do when they say they need help, then ask for help yourself. Ring Moodswings, ask a friend, encourage them to see their Doctor - just make sure you do something. There is ALWAYS someone who will help you, though sometimes finding them is tricky.

Yes, this is a shameless charity plug - please don't forget this blog was started to raise awareness and money for mental health charities.

Anyway, lets lighten this post up. How about a gratuitous picture of our old favourite Anton Krupicka. He is back from his injury and running up and down mountains like a foxy seventies bandsman. I wonder who gets to wash his shorts and what qualificiations you need to do so?

photo - Dave Phillips

He is just a delight, he has legs that I want to roast and then chew on. **danger - must take cold shower**

I am taking my fat self on holiday on friday, I am pretty excited about some beach time even if I am a stone heavier. I am slightly worried that some whale hunters may see me on the beach and try and harpoon me though.

And on other note - If any of you folks have a good story you would like to tell on the blog please get in touch. It could be about running or any excercise or mental health. Has this blog ever inspired you to go for a run or sign up for a charity event? Let us know we would love to publish it - it can be an anonymous post if you wish.

Laters Sam x x x x

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