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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Twilight - Not On My Watch

Honestly I take a bit of time off this blogging mallarkey to wallow in self pity and think about how very flipping marvellous it would be to get drunk, very drunk, just once, just for a few hours off life, of oblivion, of FUN, and Sam starts blogging about Twilight.

I am back to make it very clear that I had nothing to do with this trip to the cinema, I have not read the Twilight books (what with me not being twelve years old) and Robert Pattinson leaves me cold.

Robert Pattinson - Sam wants to lick his face

Pete from our office, who will be doing the Great Manchester Run

I know people sometimes aren't sure whose post they are reading - this one is by Kath, the one about Breaking Dawn was very definitely not.

Hope that's that cleared up now.

And now for the latest running news...

Hot off the press - Alistair McArthur, one of the Bolton Parkrun directors, won an award for being Best Unsung Hero at the Bolton Get Active Awards last night. Well done Alistair!

He deserves this just for still turning up in shorts every week, even though he doesn't generally get to run and it's November. Plus Bolton Parkrun now has over a thousand registrations, and a record number of 133 runners turned out last week. The course is all marked out, marshals in place, a welcoming speech given, times all sorted out and a newsletter written, every week. The atmosphere is always friendly and welcoming. And Alistair makes it look easy, every week.

Parkrun was also runner-up in the Class of the Year category, so a good night all round - particularly for the people of Bolton if there is another class that can take on Parkrun and win. It's fantastic that there is such a diversity of ways to get out there and do something - surely something for everyone, even those like me who hadn't ever waddled outside before.

This loved-up-ness for Parkrun is obviously nothing at all to do with me getting a Personal Best on Saturday, nor with me being third woman for the second consecutive week. I wasn't even going to mention it.

And just in case I've ever made out this giving up drinking business is easy, it isn't. It is, however, worth it. Just saying.    


  1. Love the pics. Pete will be thrilled I'm sure.

  2. Sam must really fancy Pete, defo separated at birth from RPatz!

  3. WTF Youare totally taking advantage of the fact I am in Egypt and cant counter this slanderous post. 45 frigging minutes sat in the hotel lobby waiting for the Internet to load.

    It's on Henderson. It is so on.

    On another note, it's dead sunny here and the food is amazing, also went snorkelling after breakfast Pancakes. Wish you were here, enjoy Monday at work schlags x x

    Sam x


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