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Friday, 25 November 2011

Quote, Unquote

"You look like you've worked hard" from a woman at a running club.
This means "You are bright red, very sweaty and your nose is running. I am much fitter than you." 

"Looking good!" from a much faster than me bloke on Parkrun.
This does not mean he wants to take me out for dinner. It means I am bright red and very sweaty, but at least my nose probably isn't running. Also that I look like I need a LOT of encouragement to get to the finish line.

"That's quite a good time" from a bloke on a dating site.
This means "My ex was much faster than you. I think I'll get back with her, but continue to email and text you all the fricking time, in case it doesn't work out". 

Erm, that's obviously a hypothetical one.

"Why have you got a water bottle? You're only doing 5K!" from a spectator to my son on Parkrun.
 This means this bloke is a tosser.




  1. "You look lovely just as you are - and then followed by - you always need something to grab hold of"

    Was he trying to cheer me up; console himself or being just plain rude?

    Who knows?

    Oh, and I wasn't even running anywhere....or running back from anywhere either.

  2. Surprised you didn't lamp the last guy WITH the water bottle


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