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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Planning Ahead...

Right, well, that's me signed up for:

  • The Great Manchester Swim (formerly known as the Great Salford Swim, and still held in the same place - Salford Quays. It's easy to see how this sort of thing happens, what with them being two completely different cities. I have similar trouble telling the difference between London and  Luton);

I must admit I've never seen anyone wearing one of these T shirts, despite it being 4 quid cheaper to love Salford than Manchester.

  • The Morecambe Bay Swim (to be held three weeks earlier than this year, with a back up plan of a swim in The River Lune if the waves aren't behaving themselves. I don't think I'll be getting out of it this time).

It would have been easier to just have this month's pay diverted straight to whoever organises the Great Run/Swim events, with maybe just a little bit sent to Ebay for things I definitely needed.

Sam has also signed up for the swim, and seems to think this is my fault. She's being sensible and not signing up for the run as her hip's still in loads of pain. Atleast one of us knows when to stop. Sometimes. Well, once.

There are a couple of new characters coming on stage for the run, though. We have

  • Shama, who has watched the run go past for the last ten years and said she'd do it next year each time. She's been doing a walk to run program over the last few weeks, and having never run before finds she loves it; and
  • Pete, who reckons he can do no training and finish in 45 minutes, and probably will, unless someone were accidentally to trip him up and sit on him. I'm looking at you, Sam.

And a couple of returning cast members from the Warrington Half - James - still not smoking, particularly when he's sober, and Nikki, running for the last time in her 30s.

Plus anyone else who fancies joining us. Go on, you know you want to....



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