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Monday, 7 November 2011

Oh I do like to be..........

I love Blackpool Pleasure Beach. I know it's tacky and seedy, and grown ups prefer Alton Towers, but I love it.

I love the history of the place. People have been turning up to go on the rides there for over a hundred years - you can almost hear the sparking of the clogs in wakes weeks along the prom. It's next to the sea and the views from the top of the rides are fantastic. And there's something a bit naughty about Blackpool - an undercurrent of filthiness, a darkside that you can't quite resist.

Plus the rides are fab, and there are doughnuts, trams and donkeys down the road. What's not to like?

A tram, and the ferris wheel on Central Pier
Wild Mouse - held together with Blu-tak and woodworm
I went on this 6 times. I recommend eating doughnuts after rather than before doing this.
It was the last night of the illuminations last night
All in all the kids and I had a fab day - it was dead quiet, hardly any queues, just lots of lots of adrenaline highs. It's two for the price of one this weekend, so get on it - get to Blackpool.

Plus - exciting news! We've got a couple of versions of Windows 7 to give away! Check back here tomorrow and we'll be having a quick competition....



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