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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Going Clubbing

I have not been clubbing in the proper sense - the sense where you get to show everyone exactly how well you can dance after 17 bottles of wine. In my case this was Very Well Indeed, despite what people like Sam might tell you. Why else would I have drawn crowds and so many photographers whenever I got on the dancefloor? 

I don't know where my legendary unerring coordination and sense of rhythm have disappeared to now I'm sober. 

A demonstration of exactly how Jazz Hands should be done after an afternoon on very cheap wine

No, this week I have mainly been going to running clubs. My 20 year old self looks disgusted with me and mutters something about not spilling my beer and putting my fag out while I'm running, my 39 year old self is stunned, and even the very much older than me Katy has asked where the real 40 year old Kath has gone.

I popped along to the new Jog Bolton group on Wednesday. This is a Run England group - there are loads of them dotted about the place, and they are a brilliant way of starting or improving running. I'm not feeling the love for either taking to the treadmill or the streets on my own now it's dark all the flipping time, so having a definite time and place and people to run with is a good idea to get me motivated.

The group was a good mix of abilities, and you could do as much or as little as you felt able to do in the session. Next week we're starting a ten week programme to improve on wherever we're at at the moment.

The only downside is you need to wear high vis stuff. I swore I would never buy this, and now I've had to, and can categorically confirm that luminous yellow is not my colour.

Jog Bolton glowing in the dark

Then I returned to the Bolton Harriers on Thursday. These people take running very seriously indeed and are rather good at it. They let me tag along at the back, and pretend not to notice that I'm clearly about to have a heart attack during the warm up. I have to work seriously hard, and I love every minute of it - when it's over.

And I did the Parkrun again this morning. Just to explain to anyone that saw me arrive at 8.59 and 50 seconds, I was running because I'd planned to do some interval training on the way and had timed it very precisely. It was not because I was late.

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