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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

RIP George - 10 years today

I don't think there was a more handsome beatle. Paul had his moments in the seventies when he grew his hair but really it was all about George.

It was 10 years today that the world lost George Harrison. Rest in peace sire.

This post is dedicated to my mate Kay who is one of the biggest George fans in the world. Not biggest as in fattest though, she isn't fat - she's just big into George.

Dig it x

My god I love George and Pattie - amazabags

all images pilfered from google images.


Ha ha, check out the mullets in this one and Phil Collins and Ringo on drums

Sammy x

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Night Runner: 8 Safety Tips for Running in the Dark

I am on my holidays and this is a scheduled post - hopefully I am lying on a beach in Egypt right now. Or maybe a little bit of snorkeling in the red sea. That is if I have managed to get on the plane, I am petrified of flying.

So I have shamelessly stolen this post from Nike+ but I am crediting them for all their hard work.

So for any of you runners out there or folks thinking about running here's some night running tips.

Night Runner: 8 Safety Tips for Running in the Dark

There’s a certain thrill associated with running after dusk. It’s just you, your focus and the night. With the winter daylight quickly waning, more of us will be hitting the streets post-sunset. And, as they say, it’s always better to be safe than sorry—so be smart and follow these important 8 safety tips for nighttime running.

1. Brighter is Better
Make sure you can be seen. Avoid dark-colored clothing and opt for bright, high-visibility colors and special workout attire armed with 360-degree retroflective material. The Nike Vapor Flash Jacket, for example, features a laminated face that reflects light back to its source with minimal scattering for high visibility in low light settings—from every angle. For extra precaution, don a headlamp or blinking bike lights.

2. Hats On
Additionally, wearing a reflective hat will not only increase your visibility to others, but the brim will help also cut down on any blinding glares from headlights and street lamps.

3. Run Against Traffic
Remember that just because you can see a car doesn’t mean its driver can see you. Running against traffic will allow you to spot oncoming vehicles (and vice versa) earlier on. Also, try to make eye contact and acknowledge each driver as a precautionary measure to alert them to your presence, especially when crossing an intersection.

4. Know Your Routes
Traffic may not be your only danger: potholes and road hazards lurking in the dark could pose a risk as well. Study your courses ahead of time in broad daylight to assess road conditions and make mental notes until they become second nature. Create familiar routes that offer wide lanes, streetlights and safe sidewalks. Also, consider shorter tracks or even indoor alternatives for harsh weather days.

5. Change It Up
It may sound grim, but potential attackers sometimes study their victims’ running routes. Vary your courses enough to avoid repetitive patterns that can be tracked. Some runners even suggest jogging with a key in hand should you need to ward off an attack. Also, let a friend know your route or leave a note at home.

6. Unplug
While music can energize your run, it’s best to avoid wearing headphones at night. Silencing your surroundings diminishes your ability to hear sirens, a car horn, a voice or any other potential hazards you should be aware of.

7. Safety in Numbers
If possible, run with a buddy or in groups. A pack of reflective, bright-colored runners will be much easier for drivers to see and will leave you far less vulnerable. If anyone gets hurt, backup is a few paces away.

8. ID/Mobile phone
Lastly, always carry your phone and ID with you in case of emergency. It’s a simple but critical precaution that could save your life should you sustain an injury on your run. Invest in a waist pack to carry these indispensable essentials.

Stay safe with these tips and remember to exercise caution every time you exercise. Enjoy the night! 


Friday, 25 November 2011

Quote, Unquote

"You look like you've worked hard" from a woman at a running club.
This means "You are bright red, very sweaty and your nose is running. I am much fitter than you." 

"Looking good!" from a much faster than me bloke on Parkrun.
This does not mean he wants to take me out for dinner. It means I am bright red and very sweaty, but at least my nose probably isn't running. Also that I look like I need a LOT of encouragement to get to the finish line.

"That's quite a good time" from a bloke on a dating site.
This means "My ex was much faster than you. I think I'll get back with her, but continue to email and text you all the fricking time, in case it doesn't work out". 

Erm, that's obviously a hypothetical one.

"Why have you got a water bottle? You're only doing 5K!" from a spectator to my son on Parkrun.
 This means this bloke is a tosser.



Thursday, 24 November 2011

Twilight - Not On My Watch

Honestly I take a bit of time off this blogging mallarkey to wallow in self pity and think about how very flipping marvellous it would be to get drunk, very drunk, just once, just for a few hours off life, of oblivion, of FUN, and Sam starts blogging about Twilight.

I am back to make it very clear that I had nothing to do with this trip to the cinema, I have not read the Twilight books (what with me not being twelve years old) and Robert Pattinson leaves me cold.

Robert Pattinson - Sam wants to lick his face

Pete from our office, who will be doing the Great Manchester Run

I know people sometimes aren't sure whose post they are reading - this one is by Kath, the one about Breaking Dawn was very definitely not.

Hope that's that cleared up now.

And now for the latest running news...

Hot off the press - Alistair McArthur, one of the Bolton Parkrun directors, won an award for being Best Unsung Hero at the Bolton Get Active Awards last night. Well done Alistair!

He deserves this just for still turning up in shorts every week, even though he doesn't generally get to run and it's November. Plus Bolton Parkrun now has over a thousand registrations, and a record number of 133 runners turned out last week. The course is all marked out, marshals in place, a welcoming speech given, times all sorted out and a newsletter written, every week. The atmosphere is always friendly and welcoming. And Alistair makes it look easy, every week.

Parkrun was also runner-up in the Class of the Year category, so a good night all round - particularly for the people of Bolton if there is another class that can take on Parkrun and win. It's fantastic that there is such a diversity of ways to get out there and do something - surely something for everyone, even those like me who hadn't ever waddled outside before.

This loved-up-ness for Parkrun is obviously nothing at all to do with me getting a Personal Best on Saturday, nor with me being third woman for the second consecutive week. I wasn't even going to mention it.

And just in case I've ever made out this giving up drinking business is easy, it isn't. It is, however, worth it. Just saying.    

Breaking Dawn

I love Twilight part one, the last book is a pile of waft. And as for the film, well.....there are no words.

I will still lick RPatz face though, he is amazabags. The film is much better if you sneak some vodka in a capri-sun packet.
I did not volunteer for this photo.


Monday, 21 November 2011

Motown Monday

Motown Monday is back. Todays tune is offered up by the one and only Stevie Wonder.

Feel the funk, it's like the bass is having a seizure in your pelvis. Amazing.


Sunday, 20 November 2011

Who washes his shorts?

I haven't run in a couple of months and I have missed it. Half the office has signed up for the Great Manchester 10km and I am a bit massively jealous.

Things I have not missed about running:
  • Getting changed into lycra leggings and run through soggy Manchester weather for an hour whilst hurdling over dog poos bigger than my head.
Things I have missed about running:
  • Not having a massive fat arse
  • Clear spot free skin
  • Climbing up stairs without getting out of breath
  • Post endorphin rush that you get from a good run.
If I run at the moment then it means the following day my bursa (fluid sacs) inflame and I won't be able to walk very well , sleep on my side or drive.

I have found plenty of things to fill my time for example, last week I spent 10 hours on a suicide awareness course, I am now proficient at assessing if someone is at risk of suicide. I do this by asking the person if they have thought of killing themselves - if they say 'yes' then they are definitely at risk of suicide.

Yes, it really is that simple.

The course was amazing and I am grateful that I got the opportunity to go on it. Sadly, Kath and I have to ask that question far more than we should.

The world can be an extremely lonely place and a bit of empathy can go a long way. That's why Moodswings is so important. This time of year can be particulary difficult for people with depression and mental health conditions.

If you know someone who is struggling, who doesnt seem themselves or is perhaps being irratible or challenging. Take the time to ask them how they are. Don't be British about it, don't politely ignore strange or worrying behaviour. I can promise you this, asking them if they are alright isn't going to make their situation any worse. Asking them could make a huge difference, it could make them feel like someone cares.

If you don't know what to do when they say they need help, then ask for help yourself. Ring Moodswings, ask a friend, encourage them to see their Doctor - just make sure you do something. There is ALWAYS someone who will help you, though sometimes finding them is tricky.

Yes, this is a shameless charity plug - please don't forget this blog was started to raise awareness and money for mental health charities.

Anyway, lets lighten this post up. How about a gratuitous picture of our old favourite Anton Krupicka. He is back from his injury and running up and down mountains like a foxy seventies bandsman. I wonder who gets to wash his shorts and what qualificiations you need to do so?

photo - Dave Phillips

He is just a delight, he has legs that I want to roast and then chew on. **danger - must take cold shower**

I am taking my fat self on holiday on friday, I am pretty excited about some beach time even if I am a stone heavier. I am slightly worried that some whale hunters may see me on the beach and try and harpoon me though.

And on other note - If any of you folks have a good story you would like to tell on the blog please get in touch. It could be about running or any excercise or mental health. Has this blog ever inspired you to go for a run or sign up for a charity event? Let us know we would love to publish it - it can be an anonymous post if you wish.

Laters Sam x x x x

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Scouse Sunset


Who would have known Liverpool could be so magical. I took this 360 degree video on my ipod touch because annoyingly my camera battery ran out a few seconds before. I do apologise for the shaky hands, it was flipping cold.

Sam x

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Planning Ahead...

Right, well, that's me signed up for:

  • The Great Manchester Swim (formerly known as the Great Salford Swim, and still held in the same place - Salford Quays. It's easy to see how this sort of thing happens, what with them being two completely different cities. I have similar trouble telling the difference between London and  Luton);

I must admit I've never seen anyone wearing one of these T shirts, despite it being 4 quid cheaper to love Salford than Manchester.

  • The Morecambe Bay Swim (to be held three weeks earlier than this year, with a back up plan of a swim in The River Lune if the waves aren't behaving themselves. I don't think I'll be getting out of it this time).

It would have been easier to just have this month's pay diverted straight to whoever organises the Great Run/Swim events, with maybe just a little bit sent to Ebay for things I definitely needed.

Sam has also signed up for the swim, and seems to think this is my fault. She's being sensible and not signing up for the run as her hip's still in loads of pain. Atleast one of us knows when to stop. Sometimes. Well, once.

There are a couple of new characters coming on stage for the run, though. We have

  • Shama, who has watched the run go past for the last ten years and said she'd do it next year each time. She's been doing a walk to run program over the last few weeks, and having never run before finds she loves it; and
  • Pete, who reckons he can do no training and finish in 45 minutes, and probably will, unless someone were accidentally to trip him up and sit on him. I'm looking at you, Sam.

And a couple of returning cast members from the Warrington Half - James - still not smoking, particularly when he's sober, and Nikki, running for the last time in her 30s.

Plus anyone else who fancies joining us. Go on, you know you want to....



Monday, 14 November 2011

Drum roll please........and the winners are.......

*****Jan's Blog and Leanne Lightfoot****


If you could email me here or through our facebook page and let me know your full name and address and I will get your prize sent out to you.

How exciting.

Haven't had a dream would like to thank all that entered, commiserations to you guys who missed out.

We love all our readers - thanks for your support.

We would also like to thank Windows and 3 Monkeys for the wonderful prizes.

Big love

Sam and Kath x

Liverpool in pictures

Now then, I had to get over some pretty strong regional prejudices to get to Liverpool. I've been a few times for gigs and the Mathew Street festival but I find it difficult because there is something about the pitch of the scouse accent that makes blood trickle out of my ears. But, they have some pretty cool stuff there like the Albert Docks and the Tate Liverpool.

So me and my Mamsey went last weekend to the Tate and do you know what? It was lovely, the folk were well friendly and it wasn't windy (for a change) and it had one of the most amazing sunsets I've ever seen. That and the worlds largest population of blonde women who paint on black eyebrows.


Raspberry and white chocolate muffin - calm down laa
Liverpool Lime Street station and local hoody youths
Mumsy looking glam
Zee Albert Docks

Nice huh.

This has nothing to do with running or mental health but I am still proper injured so I feel the need to share with you what I am doing with my time as an alternative. Even if you don't want to know about it.

I took loads of photos, part two coming soon.

Laters potatoes x x x


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