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Sunday, 2 October 2011

What to do with a sunny Saturday?

Saturday is normally my big run day and without a run to fill it, I am at a bit of a loss. I can't do heat, so I decided the best thing to do was to spend the majority of the afternoon in a record shop. Daft I know considering the weather but I cant just sit about on grass for very long without getting bored or drunk so I would rather not be idle.

I like record shops even though I feel a little out of place in there. I find they are mostly full of young moppy haired serious looking DJ types or slightly more senior looking collectors, they are generally all men. They look like they are all on the search for the holy grail and have rivets in their fingers from professionally flicking through tonnes of vinyl at a record flipping pace. At least I hope that's why they have rough fingers.

I look a bit out of place in there, I don't think they were very impressed the time I went with my mate Danielle, we spent a good hour and a half laughing at Bobby Womack record covers. That man knows how to take a good photo. You must remember that you don't talk in record shops - it is not acceptable behaviour and you certainly cannot laugh under any circumstances.

Legoman actually has this album
Anyway, I found a couple of gems and some nice sixties stuff. I found a Jefferson Airplane compilation record for next to nothing and then lost it when I put my pile down in a rack. I tried to retrace my steps but I hadn't been round in a very logical order, I thought I left it in 'collectors folk' but sadly not.

This is boring post isn't it, I bet you'd like to take back your Manchester Blog Award nomination now wouldn't you? Unlucky.

Here's a quiz for you - Which artist and album is this artwork from?.................................................

You don't win anything.

Cost me a quid that, bargain. And I got this for £2.50........................................................


Me and the cat are going to have a cider and a listen.

That's right I am a sad old lady who loves cats.

Sam x

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