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Monday, 31 October 2011

Pumpkins and swollen fluid sacs

Happy Halloween

Do you like my Jack Skellington pumpkin? I freestyled this. I am pretty proud of it even if its not so sharp around the edges.

So in running news. the news is there is no news. I am not running still, I have something called trochanteric bursitis, which loosely translates to 'shit hip'. Bursitis is my fifth running injury, on the scale of running injuries it is 4th least favourite. It's something to do with fluid sacs, mucky fluid sacs maybe, filthy malfunctioning lubricant sacs. It like an internal friction burn, not a fun friction burn like the ones you get from doing naughty stuff like skidding on your knees. I bet you were thinking of other kinds of naughty friction burns weren't you, you sick little PERVERTS. I have no idea what I am talking about. I barely know what it is.

Anyway the gist of it is I have some fluid on my hip that is a bit grumpy and sore. I don't mind not running of course but I can't sleep on my right side which is definitely my favourite side. So I am happy chomping on the treat size mars bars I bought for the trick or treaters that haven't knocked on because I have made my house look as uninviting as humanly possible so I can eat all the mars bars. If you turn all of your house lights off and smash a load of wine bottles outside of your front door it will work for you too.

Oh wait a minute, I do have some running news. I entered that sodding Olympic park run and guess what, I didn't sodding get in. Kath did of course because she fricking wins everything. Scroll down to see what she said to me when I showed her my ballot losers email.

"do you want to know what a successful persons email looks like?"
31st Oct 2011

It's all gravy, I understand it is just karma paying me back for lots of naughty stuff.

Sammy x

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