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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Pin Up Bowl - Spinningfields

Pin up bowl - Manchester Spinningfields.

In pictures.

Now, I don't have many complaints about this place because it is ace. It's only temporary though, apparently pop up bowling alleys and restaurants are all the rage nowadays. Maybe in that London town but it's not the norm up here.

Anyway, it is well cute. It's like a 1950's diner inside and has a similar themed menu including milkshakes, cocktails, hotdogs and other delights such as chipolte chicken wings. It is a tad pricey, a burger will set you back £8.95 but you get some lovely homemade coleslaw and chips in a basket with that. The burger was lovely and pinkish in the middle just as I like it but if you're not a fan of this maybe let the server know.

It is stinking with Manco youth and student fashionista's, why you would want to go bowling in the middle of the day in patent nude platform 6 inch heels I don't know but there are some super gorgeous looking lads and lasses and some lip smacking outfits and tattoos on display. Don't be put off by this - think of it as adding to the already aesthetically pleasing decor.

My only grumble is you have to go outside to the lav but this isn't really a grumble because it's a proper flushing loo and not some stinky portaloo that you would never sit on and end up squatting over whilst trying to hold the door at the same time before your legs give way or you drop your skirt on the piss wet seat. And they have carex handwash - how indulgent.

Pin up bowl ends on the 6th Nov, they have several types of club nights on between now including a Grease themed closing party. I would recommend in advance if you want to bowl, if you're not arsed about that and just want to drink cocktails and swan neck at the pretty folk then entry is free most nights - knock yourself out.

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