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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Personal best meltdown

Lets just get one thing straight, when I said "lets do something with your face". I meant lets put some make up on it and make it all beautified for the blog awards. You never know where you might meet a nice man, that's what I said to Kath. Don't believe anything that schlaag writes about me.

Anyway, Kath has beaten my 5km personal best time by 4 lousy seconds. She ran the parkrun yesterday in 24 mins and 40 seconds. I am not at all fine about it though because I am like 'well zen' at the moment.

I should never have told her my PB because it would still be in tact now. But it's fine, I'm over it even though she is lanky, skinny giraffe who has now successfully taken everything away from me and left me a broken mess, the shards of my shattered self confidence leave my feet torn and bloody.

In other PB news, nimble Nikki the marathon running freak smashed her PB in the Chester Marathon today. Well done you weirdo, I am very proud of you and I miss sitting next to you at work dearly. Now I have to sit next to Kath and well, she just isn't as zen as you. Only joking Kath, I love our 11am crisp time.

Chorlton library better hurry the feck up and get that 'mindful meditation' book in before my zen takes anymore beatings.

So this came in the post this weekend....

This is my one goal today, Leo Babauta says its not very zen to have too many goals because we get obsessed with them and then beat ourselves up when we don't achieve them all. We are allowed one or two goals though which is nice so this is mine as well as tearing Kath's legs off and beating her savagely with the bloody stumps and maybe having a nice peppermint tea whilst burning some incense.

I shall of course review said video at a later date.

Dang this cat is cute

In other Sam news - I have a dodgy tum (i blame burger king and maybe dixy chicken as well - yes that's right I have completely lost all food sensibilities since running the half marathon). I was hoping yesterdays chunderthon might have shed a few pounds, could maybe lose a couple more today because as I write this I can feel a rumble in the jungle (the jungle is my belly right).

Also since Ive stopped running my cellulite has come back with a vengeance.

Oh dearest orange peel, how I have missed you so. Sadly old friend you have to go so I will be body brushing feck out of you today then I am going to wrap you in clingfilm and then do the 'yoga for idiots' dvd with the heating on full blast in the desperate hope that you'll melt away like an ice pop left on a hot step. 



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