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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Manchester Blog Awards 2011 in pictures

Kath said it all about the blog awards - we weren't in the same league but that's cool. Different strokes for different folks. Bit embarrassing really. We are really shallow but never mind. I still enjoyed the readings and the vodka.  I have never heard the word 'cacophony' used in real life before - they were all proper smart.

excessive use of purple accents? yes
Socrates Adams - very funny
some more disco

We knew we weren't onto a winner before we got there but when a selection of bloggers got up to read posts from their blogs our theory was confirmed. Well done to all the winners and sad faces for all the losers runners up.

Again, just for those that get confused this is Sam writing, Kath doesn't drink and has not fallen off the wagon - she was drinking yeasty smelling booze free beer.

If there is a category for completely pointless whinging, mindless bollocks blogs next year we will definitely be in with a chance.

Rock on 

Sam x

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