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Sunday, 23 October 2011


Well, Sam and I were once more completely out of our depth at the Blog Awards. It was a bit like the open water swimming training sessions all over again. Well, it was warmer, and there was far less cause to flash your bits to the local residents and less chance of contracting hepatitis, but the feeling of being surrounded by people who spoke a completely different language was the same.

The place was full of proper writers. A strange breed of people who take the time to ponder adjectives, use metaphors all the fricking time and read the Guardian (I may be generalising slightly). There were some readings, which were really impressive, and it was clear we weren't even on the same page as these people and could officially be considered Extremely Shallow Indeed.

Still, we were definitely wearing the best lippy in the place and Sam looked fab. I looked like a Ribena ad, having only realised after leaving the house that purple tights are not a good idea with purple Converse boots and a purple coat.*

Did we win - no. We hadn't expected to. The prize was a free domaine and neither of us know what this is, so we're pretty cool with it. I might even go so far as to say it's Zen if I didn't know how annoying it is when someone says that. Many thanks, though, to those who nominated and voted for us.

And today finds me blogging from that there London. I did the Richmond Parkrun yesterday, which was a lot flatter than the Bolton one. I knocked an incredible 2 seconds off last week's time. My legs felt like lead though, and I definitely thought I was going to die at one point, so I think I need to do a spot more training than I am at the mo.

Anyway, here's some pics of Richmond Park. It has a protected vista to St Paul's, you know.

St Paul's is in  the gap between the trees. I realise you can't see it.
This is just some trees with no famous monuments that you can't see in the background.



* I am being shallow for comic effect here. I really think about existentialism and that kind of thing all the time really.

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