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Saturday, 1 October 2011

It is flipping warm.

So I have decided there should be no exercise this weekend. If you're a bit gingery strawberry blonde then you can't really go out in the sun and do exercise without coming out in hives. Children shield their eyes from my legs (without a bath of St Tropez first) so I deffo shouldn't run today.

This is what happens when you put pale faces near sunlight. My Mum took this after the half marathon. we are so pale it's frightening.
I have been told my x-ray is clear (excellent), my chiropractor is happy I have taken some time off it seems to have improved things (most excellent) and I have a physio referral.

So I reckon 10k training can start in another week whilst I am healing so well, healing and getting right fat. I haven't set a plan yet unlike Kath but I have decided on two milestone rewards for when I start.......

Richmond Tea Rooms - everyone at work is going crazy at the thought of their cream tea. I believe it has recently opened around the village somewhere and it looks spanking.

Pin Up Bowling - American diner style retro bowling with dj's. What an excellent opportunity for me to get extremely competitive and then sulk about losing. Losing is good for me I think, it might help me stop being so competitive. Then maybe I will be allowed to start playing Monopoly again.

Kath still hasn't beaten my 5km PB yet - 24 mins 44 secs. She is very, very close to it. I think she is running  Parkrun today, so today might be the day. Then she will have successfully taken everything away from me and I shall  jump off Barton Bridge retire.

Enjoy the sun!


Photo source - here

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