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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Going Out

So, at the moment I'm working on going out and being a sociable person. Hmmm. When you've only ever met anyone while drunk over a period of twenty years it's quite tricky to do this getting-out-and-speaking-to-people thing sober.

My initial strategy of starting the conversation with "Hi, I'm Kath. I don't drink anymore. I used to drink too much" hasn't gone spectacularly well. I've found people aren't comfortable with it at all. They immediately try and look as though they are completely comfortable with it, apologise for having a drink in their hand, tell me how much they drink, tell me all about a friend/relative of theirs who has a drink problem, and then urgently need a drink/the loo/to talk someone else who isn't quite so weird.

Tom from Moodswings tells me that 80% of people I meet won't be at all interested in anything I've got to say, and actually just want to talk about themselves, so all I have to do is listen and ask them questions about themselves and they'll think I'm fascinating. 

I think I need to work on this. I went to the theatre the other night and some chap came up and started talking to me in the interval (does this happen to everyone, or is it just me?). So I concentrated hard on what he was saying, and asked lots of relevant follow up questions. I know more about his very dull life than my own now. He went sprinted away looking hunted, and incredibly relieved that he was sat nowhere near me in the theatre. Perhaps it was the light I shone in his eyes while I was interrogating him....?

Tom was right though - he wasn't in the least bit interested in anything I had to say.

I did the Parkrun yesterday. Bolton was looking good in the Autumn sunshine - I love my walk to the park on a Saturday morning. And I ran up the bloody hill both times and knocked another 30 seconds off my Personal Best. James turned up as well - still not smoking - well done James! - and is all signed up for the Yule Yomp 10K in Tatton Park. Somehow we've both decided not to opt to buy the event T shirt with the amusing little Christmas pudding running on it. What a loss to both our wardrobes.

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, as my ex used to say, every sodding day of Autumn, every year. Still at least he never went on about being fricking Zen.

Heron in the mist

Some trees with Bolton Town Hall and a Pennine in the background

Me in the park


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