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Friday, 28 October 2011

flashing medical professionals and a fit topless quinquaginarian


Hurray, I finally got a referral and went to my first physio session at Withington Hospital last week. The chap was lovely. Of course because I am not sensible and never prepared I went dressed in completely inappropriate attire.

I thought the best 'get up' would be a frock because then I could hitch it up for the physio to check out my hips. Errr errrr WRONG. The physio asked if I had shorts, er no. He apologised and embarrassingly said I would need to take my dress off. Gutted, I had a beige bra on with black knickers - epic fail. That is the worst bit, the worst bit was I was naively wearing size 10 knickers, I am most definitely not a size 10 any longer.

There was that horrible realisation that when he lifted my knee to my chest that I may well have been flashing a little of myself. I know I was, I could feel the cold air. I think I got away with it as he wasn't looking in that direction (he was of course a professional). Never the less I will be more prepared for future sessions.

I am so incredibly daft. 

Also. I have not been looking after myself, eating bread and not exercising and getting rather drunk (please note this is Sam writing and not Kath - who does not drink). This is soon showing.

What I do know is this means my immune system is not great and therefore I surmise that I am 'run down'. It is time to do something about it 

I am not complaining, please don't misunderstand me. I am very aware that my ill health is a direct result of the pure fatty crap I have been shoving down my throat for the last few weeks. But this leads me on nicely to my new favourite blog (fav blog to help me overcome such gluttonous behaviour) - 'Mark's Daily Apple'

This chap is crackers fit, he has this super ripped body and is in his late fifties. Of course he is an ex-triathlete so that will help. He is incredibly American looking and lives in Malibu. I am sure that will have some influence on his well being.

Anyway he has this theory on diet and exercise, he thinks we should learn something from primeval man. I kind of like his ideas and he looks great. Of course I am not a scientist so I have no proof that his plans hold worth but I am somewhat comforted by the fact he himself studied Biology and was due to study medicine but didn't because he instead embarked on a sporting career.

Mark Sisson loves to get his top off, this much is clear
Anywhoo check it out for yourself. I got the following from it:

1. Carbs in moderation and try to cut out sugars
2. Meat and protein are great
3. We don't have to eat breakfast - I have always struggled with breakfast. I am not hungry first thing in the morning and many a time force food down early because I thought I should. I understand we should try to be sensible about managing our own insulin levels but I had always thought there is something more to it. I had in the past wondered how primeval man coped and they would perhaps go all day before feeding as they would need to hunt.

Again, as I mentioned before I am not a scientist and my views are my own. I am in no way suggesting we all stop eating breakfast but I quite like the approach this guy takes.


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  1. Thank you for sharing such wonderful information! Always, keep a healthy life by consuming healthy food, doing exercise regularly, and think positively. Have a good day everyone!


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