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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Fame at last

Hurrah! It's finally happened. I got mentioned in this week's Bolton Parkrun newsletter. I am now famous, and I hope you feel sufficiently awed by my celebrity status. This is read by probably tens of people, every week.

I got a mention because I was the third woman to finish the run last week. Me! I've never been third at anything, unless there were only three participants. Just goes to show what you can do when the majority of the proper women runners don't drag themselves out of bed flipping early on a Saturday morning.

I'm off Down South this weekend, so I'm hoping to pop along to another Parkrun. I thought it was flat down there, but apparently this Parkrun includes the only hill in West London. Bother.

In other news it is the Manchester Blog Awards tomorrow, so if you're stalking either of us (and nobody at all seems to be - what's wrong with us?) we'll be at The Deaf Institute from 7pm tomorrow night.  I'll be the tall, quiet, dark one, clutching a bottle of Erdinger Alcoholfrei. Sam'll be the shorter, louder, ginger one nursing a hangover from all the vodka she's drinking tonight to calm herself down after the Stone Roses announcement. 

I wonder what other bloggers look like - it's a strange thing to do, blogging. And what's the collective noun for bloggers? That's going to keep me awake all night now.

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