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Monday, 10 October 2011

A Couple of Firsts

My counsellor came to the Parkrun on Saturday. This is because he is a runner, and not because he wanted to observe my behaviour at weekends, which is lucky because he would otherwise think I am a very competitive person who needs to get out a bit lot more.

This is me beating Sam's 5K personal best by a colossal 4 seconds. Smiling and running - I thought the two things were mutually exclusive before.

I'm a bit blurry cos I'm going flipping fast. Cheers to Steve Thomasson for the pic.
What is, of course, more important is that I knocked over a minute off my own personal best, and managed to run up the bloody big hill both times. Well, almost as important. I suppose.

I didn't used to be competitive you know.

I am now the Mother of two teenagers. My boys were thirteen yesterday and it was the first time I've woken up on their birthday without a hangover. Well, I didn't have one the day they were born, but the nurses did give me morphine later, presumably to make up for the lack of booze over the preceding few months. Anyway,  on the whole, having tried both, I recommend not having a hangover on your children's birthday. Children's birthdays tend to be quite loud, and there are lots of instructions to read before your first cup of coffee.This is better done without your head in your hands, groaning. It's considerably easier to light thirteen candles, twice, if your hands don't shake too.

I took them to see a film, and then out to Frankie and Benny's (it was there, nothing else was) for lunch with a couple of their mates. This confirmed what I have known for a long time - the person who introduced balloons to restaurants should be very slowly tortured to death. We're talking lots of pain, while listening to Justin Bieber on a loop. Just saying.



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