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Saturday, 15 October 2011

body of an athelete, mind of a zen master and bye bye Betty


East z East Chicken Tikka Makhani and Naan - bazzing
Lego man's birthday cake
I am not quite a zen master yet, I don't even think I am even a zen amateur - I have zen intentions though and that will do for now. Kath is really enjoying the zen, she has this little flush of red in her cheeks when I talk about it. I think this is warmth.

Mancunia is displaying some perfect running weather at the moment. Bright blue sky and chilly air. I think I'll let the curry breakfast go down and then hit the streets.

view from Casa Sam of the fine Manchester landscape
Now i know i have been pretty slack on the post front but we have been super super busy at work. There really isn't anything happening worth blogging about at the moment.

Well except for this, it's a sad day in Manchester. Betty from Coronation Street has passed away at 91. No more hot pot now, rest in peace Betty.

 This is for you Betty Driver....

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