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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Black Thursday

Just in case you were wondering, I can confirm that stopping drinking neither stops depression, nor bad shit happening to you. It changes your ways of dealing with stuff, but some days are still considerably harder than others.

I had a stunningly bad day at work on Thursday, and I was not in a good place. I came away trying to use my mantra of "At least things aren't as bad as this time last year" and not finding it much of a comfort. Last year I could have a drink, and feel better for part of every day.

The most relevant and appropriate pic I have ever stolen from found on Google Images

Anyway, I chose not to do that. I joined a running club instead.

At running club you spend half an hour warming up, just 30 minutes longer than I normally spend on this. Mind, the warm up was most people's idea of a fairly strenuous workout. We did lots of jogging and stretches of the dynamic and less so variety.

Then we did some Interval Training. I have often heard people mention this, and never known what they meant. It turns out it's running flipping fast for a while, then slowing down or stopping for a bit, then starting again. Mickey and Paul the Warrington rugby players were also big on this, so it must be terribly good for you.

A quick glance at my MyAsics training plan tells me I should have been doing quite a bit of this over the last couple of weeks. Whoops.

The running club was full of super fit proper runners, and I was consistently at the back even though I was working my arse off. When we went in to do lots and lots of post-run stretches I was easily the hottest, sweatiest and smelliest.

I also had the biggest grin on my face. A big cheesy grin that even Bolton's (unreliable) taxi and (grumpy and rude) bus drivers struggled to remove on my way home, though they got there in the end.

So there we go - every time I have a shit day all I need to do is join a running club. Sorted.

And I marshalled at the Parkrun yesterday. It was fancy dress, so I took the opportunity to purchase a lovely witch's hat, cos nobody can have too many purple accessories. I also took my broomstick, which was very useful for pointing people in the right direction.

In other running news, I have a place on the Olympic Park Run at the end of March. I entered a ballot, and am one of 5000 lucky people who get to run 5 miles round the Olympic Park, and finish in the Olympic stadium.

Which is all very good, but next time I enter any sort of competition I am going to make sure the prize is a holiday, somewhere hot. 



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  1. Amazing! You've found a solution to down days that some people take a lifetime looking for and just never quite find ... And you win competitions!!


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