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Monday, 3 October 2011

The Autumn of Our Discontent

I went for a stroll through Manchester yesterday. I thought I'd carry a sign with me, and have a bit of a shout as I went. Yes, the Tories have come to Manchester, and they are not welcome.

Given that this isn't a political blog I wasn't going to mention this, but then someone, probably a Minister of the Crown, tried to kill me. Some Tory bigwig in a police-escorted black car got his driver to set off driving, from a standstill, straight at me even though I was crossing the road right in front of him at the time. I had to break into a trot and swear at him very loudly or I wouldn't be here blogging now.

When someone tries to kill you it's OK to tell people you don't like them. So I'm telling you now, I really do not like the Tories. 

Plus I quite like marching. There are a few too many of the knitted hemp brigade, and there is always some chap who thinks it's cool to walk barefoot, but people are friendly enough, and united in a fairly common aim. And you get to shout "Scum!" which is a fantastic word for shouting.

You may not have heard anything about this march, but over thirty five thousand people turned up, which is a lot of people to decide something is worth giving up their Sunday for. There was no trouble or violence, which I'm sure has absolutely no bearing at all on the lack of press coverage the march got. 

I would have caused a riot myself, but then I realised the shops were open and went shopping instead. It's important to prioritise in life.

And here is an autumnal picture that I took while out running this week. No, it's not relevant. Yes, it is a desperate attempt to make my title apply to the post in some way.




  1. Sure that's tatton isn't it ? I know why u ed be there - trying to get a sneaky preview of gorge osbarse wasn't it?

  2. No Mags - it's my local park in Bolton! Contrary to popular belief we have trees here and everything.


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