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Monday, 31 October 2011

Pumpkins and swollen fluid sacs

Happy Halloween

Do you like my Jack Skellington pumpkin? I freestyled this. I am pretty proud of it even if its not so sharp around the edges.

So in running news. the news is there is no news. I am not running still, I have something called trochanteric bursitis, which loosely translates to 'shit hip'. Bursitis is my fifth running injury, on the scale of running injuries it is 4th least favourite. It's something to do with fluid sacs, mucky fluid sacs maybe, filthy malfunctioning lubricant sacs. It like an internal friction burn, not a fun friction burn like the ones you get from doing naughty stuff like skidding on your knees. I bet you were thinking of other kinds of naughty friction burns weren't you, you sick little PERVERTS. I have no idea what I am talking about. I barely know what it is.

Anyway the gist of it is I have some fluid on my hip that is a bit grumpy and sore. I don't mind not running of course but I can't sleep on my right side which is definitely my favourite side. So I am happy chomping on the treat size mars bars I bought for the trick or treaters that haven't knocked on because I have made my house look as uninviting as humanly possible so I can eat all the mars bars. If you turn all of your house lights off and smash a load of wine bottles outside of your front door it will work for you too.

Oh wait a minute, I do have some running news. I entered that sodding Olympic park run and guess what, I didn't sodding get in. Kath did of course because she fricking wins everything. Scroll down to see what she said to me when I showed her my ballot losers email.

"do you want to know what a successful persons email looks like?"
31st Oct 2011

It's all gravy, I understand it is just karma paying me back for lots of naughty stuff.

Sammy x

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Black Thursday

Just in case you were wondering, I can confirm that stopping drinking neither stops depression, nor bad shit happening to you. It changes your ways of dealing with stuff, but some days are still considerably harder than others.

I had a stunningly bad day at work on Thursday, and I was not in a good place. I came away trying to use my mantra of "At least things aren't as bad as this time last year" and not finding it much of a comfort. Last year I could have a drink, and feel better for part of every day.

The most relevant and appropriate pic I have ever stolen from found on Google Images

Anyway, I chose not to do that. I joined a running club instead.

At running club you spend half an hour warming up, just 30 minutes longer than I normally spend on this. Mind, the warm up was most people's idea of a fairly strenuous workout. We did lots of jogging and stretches of the dynamic and less so variety.

Then we did some Interval Training. I have often heard people mention this, and never known what they meant. It turns out it's running flipping fast for a while, then slowing down or stopping for a bit, then starting again. Mickey and Paul the Warrington rugby players were also big on this, so it must be terribly good for you.

A quick glance at my MyAsics training plan tells me I should have been doing quite a bit of this over the last couple of weeks. Whoops.

The running club was full of super fit proper runners, and I was consistently at the back even though I was working my arse off. When we went in to do lots and lots of post-run stretches I was easily the hottest, sweatiest and smelliest.

I also had the biggest grin on my face. A big cheesy grin that even Bolton's (unreliable) taxi and (grumpy and rude) bus drivers struggled to remove on my way home, though they got there in the end.

So there we go - every time I have a shit day all I need to do is join a running club. Sorted.

And I marshalled at the Parkrun yesterday. It was fancy dress, so I took the opportunity to purchase a lovely witch's hat, cos nobody can have too many purple accessories. I also took my broomstick, which was very useful for pointing people in the right direction.

In other running news, I have a place on the Olympic Park Run at the end of March. I entered a ballot, and am one of 5000 lucky people who get to run 5 miles round the Olympic Park, and finish in the Olympic stadium.

Which is all very good, but next time I enter any sort of competition I am going to make sure the prize is a holiday, somewhere hot. 



Friday, 28 October 2011

flashing medical professionals and a fit topless quinquaginarian


Hurray, I finally got a referral and went to my first physio session at Withington Hospital last week. The chap was lovely. Of course because I am not sensible and never prepared I went dressed in completely inappropriate attire.

I thought the best 'get up' would be a frock because then I could hitch it up for the physio to check out my hips. Errr errrr WRONG. The physio asked if I had shorts, er no. He apologised and embarrassingly said I would need to take my dress off. Gutted, I had a beige bra on with black knickers - epic fail. That is the worst bit, the worst bit was I was naively wearing size 10 knickers, I am most definitely not a size 10 any longer.

There was that horrible realisation that when he lifted my knee to my chest that I may well have been flashing a little of myself. I know I was, I could feel the cold air. I think I got away with it as he wasn't looking in that direction (he was of course a professional). Never the less I will be more prepared for future sessions.

I am so incredibly daft. 

Also. I have not been looking after myself, eating bread and not exercising and getting rather drunk (please note this is Sam writing and not Kath - who does not drink). This is soon showing.

What I do know is this means my immune system is not great and therefore I surmise that I am 'run down'. It is time to do something about it 

I am not complaining, please don't misunderstand me. I am very aware that my ill health is a direct result of the pure fatty crap I have been shoving down my throat for the last few weeks. But this leads me on nicely to my new favourite blog (fav blog to help me overcome such gluttonous behaviour) - 'Mark's Daily Apple'

This chap is crackers fit, he has this super ripped body and is in his late fifties. Of course he is an ex-triathlete so that will help. He is incredibly American looking and lives in Malibu. I am sure that will have some influence on his well being.

Anyway he has this theory on diet and exercise, he thinks we should learn something from primeval man. I kind of like his ideas and he looks great. Of course I am not a scientist so I have no proof that his plans hold worth but I am somewhat comforted by the fact he himself studied Biology and was due to study medicine but didn't because he instead embarked on a sporting career.

Mark Sisson loves to get his top off, this much is clear
Anywhoo check it out for yourself. I got the following from it:

1. Carbs in moderation and try to cut out sugars
2. Meat and protein are great
3. We don't have to eat breakfast - I have always struggled with breakfast. I am not hungry first thing in the morning and many a time force food down early because I thought I should. I understand we should try to be sensible about managing our own insulin levels but I had always thought there is something more to it. I had in the past wondered how primeval man coped and they would perhaps go all day before feeding as they would need to hunt.

Again, as I mentioned before I am not a scientist and my views are my own. I am in no way suggesting we all stop eating breakfast but I quite like the approach this guy takes.


Thursday, 27 October 2011

Manchester Blog Awards 2011 in pictures

Kath said it all about the blog awards - we weren't in the same league but that's cool. Different strokes for different folks. Bit embarrassing really. We are really shallow but never mind. I still enjoyed the readings and the vodka.  I have never heard the word 'cacophony' used in real life before - they were all proper smart.

excessive use of purple accents? yes
Socrates Adams - very funny
some more disco

We knew we weren't onto a winner before we got there but when a selection of bloggers got up to read posts from their blogs our theory was confirmed. Well done to all the winners and sad faces for all the losers runners up.

Again, just for those that get confused this is Sam writing, Kath doesn't drink and has not fallen off the wagon - she was drinking yeasty smelling booze free beer.

If there is a category for completely pointless whinging, mindless bollocks blogs next year we will definitely be in with a chance.

Rock on 

Sam x

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Nadinoo - Manchesters Finest

I love Nadinoo

I will never be able to afford any of the clothes but I just want to introduce you to some true Manchester talent.

These designs are rocking it on hundreds of fashion blogs all over the world and with good reason.

Look how fabulamous Nadia Izruna's latest collection is.......

Just lovely. I have never felt the urge to tear a womans clothes off before but I might make an exception if I see one of these frocks pass me by in the street.

I know this is not food or training related but whats not to like about pretty clothes. Remember - clothes are art for your body. And that my friends is about as cultured as you'll get from me.

Peace out


Sunday, 23 October 2011


Well, Sam and I were once more completely out of our depth at the Blog Awards. It was a bit like the open water swimming training sessions all over again. Well, it was warmer, and there was far less cause to flash your bits to the local residents and less chance of contracting hepatitis, but the feeling of being surrounded by people who spoke a completely different language was the same.

The place was full of proper writers. A strange breed of people who take the time to ponder adjectives, use metaphors all the fricking time and read the Guardian (I may be generalising slightly). There were some readings, which were really impressive, and it was clear we weren't even on the same page as these people and could officially be considered Extremely Shallow Indeed.

Still, we were definitely wearing the best lippy in the place and Sam looked fab. I looked like a Ribena ad, having only realised after leaving the house that purple tights are not a good idea with purple Converse boots and a purple coat.*

Did we win - no. We hadn't expected to. The prize was a free domaine and neither of us know what this is, so we're pretty cool with it. I might even go so far as to say it's Zen if I didn't know how annoying it is when someone says that. Many thanks, though, to those who nominated and voted for us.

And today finds me blogging from that there London. I did the Richmond Parkrun yesterday, which was a lot flatter than the Bolton one. I knocked an incredible 2 seconds off last week's time. My legs felt like lead though, and I definitely thought I was going to die at one point, so I think I need to do a spot more training than I am at the mo.

Anyway, here's some pics of Richmond Park. It has a protected vista to St Paul's, you know.

St Paul's is in  the gap between the trees. I realise you can't see it.
This is just some trees with no famous monuments that you can't see in the background.



* I am being shallow for comic effect here. I really think about existentialism and that kind of thing all the time really.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Pin Up Bowl - Spinningfields

Pin up bowl - Manchester Spinningfields.

In pictures.

Now, I don't have many complaints about this place because it is ace. It's only temporary though, apparently pop up bowling alleys and restaurants are all the rage nowadays. Maybe in that London town but it's not the norm up here.

Anyway, it is well cute. It's like a 1950's diner inside and has a similar themed menu including milkshakes, cocktails, hotdogs and other delights such as chipolte chicken wings. It is a tad pricey, a burger will set you back £8.95 but you get some lovely homemade coleslaw and chips in a basket with that. The burger was lovely and pinkish in the middle just as I like it but if you're not a fan of this maybe let the server know.

It is stinking with Manco youth and student fashionista's, why you would want to go bowling in the middle of the day in patent nude platform 6 inch heels I don't know but there are some super gorgeous looking lads and lasses and some lip smacking outfits and tattoos on display. Don't be put off by this - think of it as adding to the already aesthetically pleasing decor.

My only grumble is you have to go outside to the lav but this isn't really a grumble because it's a proper flushing loo and not some stinky portaloo that you would never sit on and end up squatting over whilst trying to hold the door at the same time before your legs give way or you drop your skirt on the piss wet seat. And they have carex handwash - how indulgent.

Pin up bowl ends on the 6th Nov, they have several types of club nights on between now including a Grease themed closing party. I would recommend in advance if you want to bowl, if you're not arsed about that and just want to drink cocktails and swan neck at the pretty folk then entry is free most nights - knock yourself out.

Peace out


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Fame at last

Hurrah! It's finally happened. I got mentioned in this week's Bolton Parkrun newsletter. I am now famous, and I hope you feel sufficiently awed by my celebrity status. This is read by probably tens of people, every week.

I got a mention because I was the third woman to finish the run last week. Me! I've never been third at anything, unless there were only three participants. Just goes to show what you can do when the majority of the proper women runners don't drag themselves out of bed flipping early on a Saturday morning.

I'm off Down South this weekend, so I'm hoping to pop along to another Parkrun. I thought it was flat down there, but apparently this Parkrun includes the only hill in West London. Bother.

In other news it is the Manchester Blog Awards tomorrow, so if you're stalking either of us (and nobody at all seems to be - what's wrong with us?) we'll be at The Deaf Institute from 7pm tomorrow night.  I'll be the tall, quiet, dark one, clutching a bottle of Erdinger Alcoholfrei. Sam'll be the shorter, louder, ginger one nursing a hangover from all the vodka she's drinking tonight to calm herself down after the Stone Roses announcement. 

I wonder what other bloggers look like - it's a strange thing to do, blogging. And what's the collective noun for bloggers? That's going to keep me awake all night now.

This dude is proper zen

You must have read about this guy, 100 years old and he just ran the Toronto Waterfront Marathon (26.2 miles)

What a hero. He started running at the sprightly age of 89 after his wife and son died. And he puts its down to a diet of ginger curry, tea and happiness.

Here's a winning quote for you....

"The secret to a long and healthy life is to be stress-free. Be grateful for everything you have, stay away from people who are negative, stay smiling and keep running."

Well said Mr Singh. If this dude can run a marathon at 70 years my senior why the feck can't I. This news has just thrown a spanner in my biomechanically faulty works.

Anyway, Autumn is an ace season isn't it, if but only if it is not pissing it down with rain. This was my first outdoor run since the half marathon, Kath has of course been running about like a moggy on catnip. It was pretty gorgeous, conditions were perfect. Check out the stunning sunset over Chorlton Ees.

My running ability has taken a beating, I knew those fricking burgers would catch up with me. I had to stop half way round, what an embarrassment. A three legged collie overtook me. I bet he hadn't had a packet of bacon discos and a take away curry for his breakfast though.

taken with my ipod touch
Ahh nice in't it.

Now how the hell do you make ginger curry?


 Fauja Singh photo source here

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