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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

We've been shortlisted for the Manchester Blog Awards 2011!

I know, the impossible has happened.........


I couldn't believe it when Kath messaged me to tell me. Of course we have more chance of platting urine than winning but who cares because WE GOT SHORTLISTED!!! Yeahhh - stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

Apparently they had over 200 nominations so we are super chufties. What an honour.

I think it is fantastic that some of you or (probably) one of you folks nominated us. Kath and I are extremely grateful of course and before you ask we didn't nominate ourselves, no. We may have put a teeny weeny post up letting people know when and how they could nominate but we didn't nominate ourselves.

Now the voting is open, so please dear readers, show your continuing support by voting for us by clicking on the WOOT or on any of the many banners I have put on the blog. It's takes just 2 clicks to vote.

Voting closes on Monday 10th October 2011.

Please bear in mind you can only cast one vote per category. Of course you are welcome to vote for the other contenders because they are definitely probably better written and visually more stimulating than ours. But think of the kids, Kath's kids that is. Think how happy they would be.

Think of me, I am injured. Kath might even start drinking again* if you don't vote for us. Do you really want that on your conscience? Do you??!?!?!

Please go on and have a look at the other blogs - lets support our local writers! BTW - Kath and I do not consider ourselves to be writers but these other folks, well then can write all proper and stuff!

Super thanks - Sam & Kath

* she won't but we are prepared to sink to horrendous depths and emotional blackmail for our own means or a cheap laugh or both

* If good spelling and grammar is important to the judges, then we are screwed. Sorry Kath, its not you. It's me.

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