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Sunday, 11 September 2011

A week to go...

The Asics plan tells me I should be “tapering off” my training now, which seems to mean I should do less of it. I’m suddenly a much bigger fan of the Asics plan.

I did the Parkrun with one of my sons yesterday. It’s a good couple of miles walk from my house to the run, so we could have a natter on the way there and back. This is Spending Quality Time with One Twin and A Good Thing. It is on page 1 in all the Twins books that you read when you’re expecting twins.  I’ll get to page 2 before they leave home, I promise.

Anyway, I am no longer the Fastest Female Forty year old in Bolton. I am apparently a Veteran(!) Woman (40 – 44), which I am not at all happy about, and there were two proper runners who turned up in that category this week, and they beat me good and proper. Here’s hoping they need a lie-in next time.

I did knock 5 seconds off my Personal Best though, which is, after all, the point, and I’m dead chuffed with that. One day I’m going to run up the bloody big hill (note for non-runners who may have trouble keeping up with all my jargon - this is the technical geographical term for it) on the second lap....

Everyone tells me I need to eat lots of pasta in preparation for the run, so I’ve stocked up on that. I’m assuming people are using the word “pasta” to mean all Italian food, so I’ve stocked up on pizza and ice cream too. Terribly important, this nutrition thing.



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