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Monday, 19 September 2011

Warrington Half Marathon 2011

Well it's done. The assorted cast from the blogs turned up yesterday to do the run. Sam and I don't make these people up you know - they are real, and they all have legs that ache today.

So there was Matty, who inadvertently started this whole thing by mentioning to Sam that he was running the half-marathon. Matty, if you read this, which I suspect you don't (along with everyone else we know) you have a lot to answer for.

Nikki, runner extraordinaire, who managed to run it, achieve a Personal Best (in a time that makes your eyes water just to think of it) and be in Birch Services for breakfast by the time any of the rest of us finished. 

Katy, my lifelong friend, who has taken supporting me just a little too far this time and won't be doing that again.

James, who gave up smoking to train for and do this (and now I've told the blog, James, you have to keep it up - that's how it works - we've had over 10000 views and you can't let all those people down).

Sam, who should not have been running at all but finished in a brilliant time before being carted off by the St John's Ambulance people.

And me, who ran it in one hour 55 minutes and 38 seconds, which is a lot faster than I expected and not bad for a forty year old who hasn't run before and was either drunk, hungover or frequently both this time last year.

Matty, Sam, Me, James and Katy at the end.
The people from the Warrington Wolves training sessions had mixed fortunes. Unfortunately one of the team collapsed after 11.5 miles, was taken away by ambulance, and remains in hospital having tests on his heart, liver and kidneys. We're all thinking of him and his wife and family.

The rest of us all finished, but one collapsed, and needed sweets to carry on, and another hurt his foot, and is now on crutches for a couple of weeks.

Team Higham and Team Wood
I remain unconvinced that exercise is good for you.

And now I'm off to reinvent my life. Again. Not sure what's next (other than murdering the next person who suggests A) a marathon or B) a triathlon) but I'm sure Sam will come up with something ridiculous the second I put my feet up.

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