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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Trampled under foot

Stupid laptop is broken which means that I cannot get into my intunes account. I am devo'd because I was going to create the all time best half marathon playlist in the word ever in anticipation of the big day.

Now I can't, it was going to be proper rocking and dancey and all round bloody brilliant. These dudes were going to heavily feature too, bit of Trampled under foot and all that. Chemical Brothers, RATM and New Order and other such fast paced tracks.

If you look up 'sex' in the dictionary you'll find this photo
I don't know if I can run the risk of having it on 'shuffle', there are 2700 songs on my ipod and some are definitely not appropriate for running - Richard Hawley or Gene or worse, my hypnotherapy tutorial for my fear of flying with its weird synth supermarket background music.

I do believe proper runners run without music but I get very easily bored and I like a steady rhythm in order to maintain a pace. I deffo go faster if a songs beats per minute increase. I always like to finish the last 600m on 'Out of Control' it has the bestest build up... quite euphoric. I have to supress every urge to stop myself from throwing some shapes when it comes on because I look stupid dancing and even more stupid dancing and running simultaneously.

I am devastated, this is terrible.


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