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Thursday, 8 September 2011

This week my training has included...

...Running through huge amounts of mud, puddles and horseshit while completely lost. 

...Doing press-ups in the Warrington Wolves' changing room. Not to be confused with the changing room I saw at Camp Nou which had a huge jacuzzi and a massage chair. This one stank of TCP and sweaty socks. 

...Running up and down countless steps in a rugby stadium and pretending that I was soaked through by rain when I was actually just really sweaty. There's a video of it here if you want to watch some strangers running up and down steps and doing erm, resistance bodyweight exercises (that's press-ups and stuff to a normal person). If you're stalking me, I'm the very long one in black. I'm sure I'm not that tall in real life.

The glamour never stops.

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