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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Tale of Two Cities

I have found that a considerable part of running any distance at all is getting lost.

I set off from work to run home the other night. The first bit was only slightly disastrous with a few doubling backs and zig zags through Manchester. I did get lost on the accessible campus route though, which isn't great when you're a Disability Adviser. At least I didn't wait til I was guiding a prospective student and their parents round this time I suppose.

Then I hit Salford and everything started to go wrong. First I took a wrong turning and ran right round the circumference of a large field. Then I saw something I recognised, decided everything was going rather well, and that I didn't need to follow my directions or the signposts for the Cycle Route 6 - I could just follow the Irwell and my sense of direction. Not, as it turns out, that I have one.

I ended up running round bits of Salford where I was glad I was running, not walking. Every time I found a park of any description I'd run into it, on the off-chance that the footpath might meet up with the one I wanted. It never did. I must have run past about 1500 Holts pubs. Most of me was telling me to stop, go in and have a delicious pint, but the rest, the bloodyminded bit, made me carry on running aimlessly. Holts is an acquired taste, but I worked on it years ago and, believe me, I acquired it.

Last night I went to Warrington for a gait analysis for a new pair of trainers, which were part of the prize I won. It turns out I don't know how to tie my shoelaces properly. That extra hole in trainers is for something. Just in case I am not the only person on the planet who doesn't know here's a couple of pics of how you're supposed to lace up trainers. It is apparently particularly important if, like me, you are not only a bit lopsided, but also have really spindley ankles.

After lacing shoe as usual, poke lace back through extra hole at the top. Then cross over to other side, thread through the loop you've just made by putting lace through hole, then tie.

Trainers really are most unattractive as footwear goes. But anyway these are New Balance ones, and Nikki in our office swears by New Balance trainers. Nikki is proper hardcore and gets up at 4.30 AM to run 20 miles into work once a month. I will never be like Nikki, even in New Balance trainers.

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  1. I don't think any of us are ever going to be like Nikki - she doesn't like my singing - so had to say something slightly offensive! But, she is a good runner - that I can't deny. Keep running guys....


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