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Monday, 5 September 2011

running on empty

I am still injured, this is supposed to be my week off for bootcamp but has started with a bit of bad daytime television and peppermint tea. I had a brilliant time on a photography course this weekend but this of course meant no running.

But my fat lip is still fat and now I have a throbbing pain in my left temple and above my eye. This is all the same side as my fat lip so I think someone is punching me in the face as I sleep each night because it gets worse each morning. I can't sleep on my right side though cause of my hip. This is a dilemma.

The bonus to this is I look like I have had a bit of collagen in my top lip. Other than that I'm pretty disgusting. I just need to survive until Thursday's chiropractor appointment.

I'm going to set up a secret camera in the bedroom (not for what your thinking - perverts) but to make sure legoman or the cat aren't beating me up in the night. You aren't supposed to get up in the morning looking like a moped ran over your face.

Here's a fitting Jackson Browne song to end the post.

13 days till race day. Crapper.

Sam x

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